Mr Mahavir Vaid


Dear Members and Friends,

It is my great pleasure and honour to talk to you directly in my first message as Chairman of the Association. It is such a privilege for me to serve in this position, and I would like to begin by acknowledging the accomplishments and hard work of our immediate past Chairman and the Managing Committee . They have grown the membership and increased member benefits significantly, and I shall carry on the work that they have started and Endeavour to take the Association to new heights with help of our fellow members & Managing Committee.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our RCMA Team , As Treasurer Mr. Sundeep Gandhi & Secretary Mr. Nirav Mange. We will be working closely together with the 6 other managing Committee members to continue to build and grow on our standing as a leading association within the India region. Together, we will work to recruit more prominent industry players, broaden the diversity of our membership, and improve and increase our member benefits.

During the past year, the Association has taken great steps to enhance our member benefits, actively organizing a series of master classes and talks to address a variety of topical issues including foreign exchange , Insurance and investment operations management. To add to this initiative, we have restructured our managing committee to enhance on public relations. This committee is tasked with pursuing regular meetings with government bodies, regulators, and public concerns to share with them latest industry trends as well as our industry's 

Himanshu R Kamani.